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We ensure that your project is viable, profitable and has the necessary resources.

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Real Estate

A solution for your needs

  • Do you need to position your building in the market and create a value proposition?​
  • Are you looking for advice to operate a real estate project with maximum returns?
  • Do you have a building and would like to know which real estate project is viable?​
  • Do you feel alone in the execution of your project?​
  • Do you know how to create a marketing and sales launch plan?

We deal with any real estate project (residential, hospitality, student residences, business schools, colivings, build to rent, flex living,senior living, retail…) that requires support in the different Finantial, Commercial, Marketing, Innovation, Management and Execution areas.

Are you interested in our Consulting Services?

The proposal for your project will be valued according to your needs and could include:
  • Market study

  • Building analysis (private and public spaces)

  • Finantial analysis (incomes, expenses, yield)

  • Legal and tax advice

  • Technology integration analysis

  • Marketing and Sales strategy and launch plan

We will look for the best way to offer a viable project that achieves high profitability, greater control over asset management, and lower risk of non-payment.​

Operating coworking

Do you need a Real Estate Operator?

If you need a real estate partner to manage your space, we offer:
  • 360º project design

  • Project execution with our team of architects
  • Project operation with high profitability returns

  • Technological integrations for project optimisation (Channel Manager, PMS, IOT, App…)​

  • Communication channels and market launch

  • Monthly revenue report and data analysis.

The economic proposal of operating your space will be valued according to its typology. Not only do we offer an innovative and automated management model, but we also help define the strategy and the space brand for its future launch.

Client Benefits

We offer a solvent model under a minimum demand thanks to:​

  • Corporate agreements with companies and agencies
  • Commercial agreements and with service suppliers ​
  • Digital marketing and loyalty strategies.​

We are experts in creating hybrid models and hence become a safe haven value for the client. Profitability is not only achieved by €/m2 but also by €/services.

Sense Living professionalises the management of your projects. Our know-how is scalable to any type of real estate project. We offer flexible and transparent management with monthly information to owners about sales and space behaviour.

We seek flexibility in the use of space, we innovate introducing the right tech in our processes. ​We invest in sustainable designs: natural, flexible, modular and functional materials.



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The Team

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