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Sense Living Spaces is a new housing and smart living concept. It’s a Real Estate, Community and Services business Model.

Sense Living is a unique life experience where you feel with your 5 senses a meaningful connection with your home, the community and the city.

Our spaces are designed with love, integrating nature, water and earthy materials to create an intimate space for you in the middle of the city.


Our mission is to ensure you live with your 5 Senses, creating smart homes that makes you feel relaxed, happy and connected with your inner energy through the physical space. Experiencing the peace of being at home gives you a feeling of security and comfort.

We connect you with the heart of main cities and with people that share similar personal values and professional interests.

We help you gain quality time and fulfil your community needs by connecting you through our brain (Sense app) with our shared spaces, our home delivery services and city events to make your stay full of joy, passion and surprises.



What if it turns out way better than we could have ever imagined?

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    Our spaces have soul. Our tennants live with their 5 Senses and feel connected with their inner energy through the physical space.

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    We connect people with the same interests to the heart of main cities.

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    We offer beautiful designed smart homes to rent with a wide range of personalised services and common areas.

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    We connect people with nature and maximise their health and well being.

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    We create spaces with different environments, both in the shared areas and in your home, with flexible, resilient, sustainable and modular materials.

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    Our tenants gain quality time thanks to our housing as a service platform and the flexibility of the space!

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    Investors can benefit from the latest cutting edge proptech innovations that we deliver through our service platform, get insights about what’s going on in their buildings and maximise profitability.


Covid-19 changed everyone’s life and some of us reflected on what is truly important in our lives!

Sara thought that the situation of working from home was a great opportunity to take her power back and immerse herself in her hidden dream: creating her own hotel space!

Managing 10 family renting apartments in Madrid, Sara felt concerned about the situation the hospitality and built to rent industries were experiencing. That’s when she started analysing new ways of renting apartments with hotel services such as Colivings models and came out with the Sense Living concept. 

In one of the Real Estate events Sara attended, she met Cristina. Cristina co-founded one of the first coliving projects in Madrid a couple of years ago. She started a business model based on managing dispersed apartments, but quickly realised that approach was against the essence of building a community of people. She knew then she needed to do it differently.

They connected in a moment where both were moving into the same direction so they decided that it was the time to experience a new adventure together.


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Cristina Mangas

Co-founder Sense Living Spaces

I have a wide experience as an international business developer working for international tech companies. Having spent more than 15 years in different IT companies and such a long time in startups, I believe I´ve become an expert in opening brand new markets and launching new technologies and products to drive digital transformation.

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After spending a few years working for the corporate world, I decided to leave my comfort zone and pursue other projects that would lead me to personal growth and decided to move to Cape Town.

I had the opportunity to develop my own volunteering project with some kids in the township of Guguletu, and then I embarked on my first project as an entrepreneur and created an ethical fashion brand : WEWE – a contemporary ready to wear clothing with traditional African prints.

Cape Town and everything I lived there was a turning point in my life since I learned to really know myself. I experienced that there are no limits when dreaming or trying to do new things and to truly believe in a world of infinite possibilities. I met new people from the rest of the world that inspired me on new healthy habits and lifestyles, working on finding a mind and body balance to live more harmoniously and in peace with yourself. I learnt that only being in that space you are able to find your life purpose and fulfill your life goals and the importance of sharing them with as many people so you will also help them to find such an inspiration.

Living my life as a digital nomad in Cape Town and having many friends who lived the same way made me enjoy the great aspects of that lifestyle but also to face the fears, loneliness and challenges that living with no attachments brings. One of the issues I experienced was how difficult it is to arrive in a new city, finding a place to stay, having anything you need to get ready for you just kicking off again… but above all, feeling at home. I thought by then that one day I would like to do something with that learning and personal growth I went through during my stay in Cape Town to make any kind of impact on others.

Back in Madrid, I co-founded one of the first coliving projects in Spain: The House Coliving. And, after a while deeply understanding what’s needed to develop a successful coliving project, Sara magically popped up and we immediately connected. We shared the vision, the values, the passion and the willingness to create a refreshed real estate concept that goes further and beyond coliving : senseliving.

Some successful coverage stories as founder of The House:

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Sara Cantelar

Co-founder Sense Living Spaces

I am a passionate entrepreneur with Sales & Marketing expertise and a desire to create Real Estate experiences that make a difference in people’s life. Social and curious since birth and always with a positive attitude to face life challenges and successes. I consider myself a courageous individual that makes things happen. 

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Since I was little, I was easily exposed to the hospitality Industry. A family restaurant and the opportunity to travel around the world thanks to my mum’s career and to visit 4 and 5 star international hotels, fine tuned my taste for architecture, hospitality and real estate. 

During my adulthood, I have combined a responsible career path in international companies with volunteer programs to nurture my spirit and sense of world belonging. I am always proud to mention that I took a gap between jobs of 3 months to travel around Asia and experience a wonderful volunteer programme in Vietnam to reintegrate rural women and children in society by teaching them English, Cultural values and basic Digital knowledge.

From a professional point of view, I can prove 10 years of international experience in Digital, Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Accounts and Events, with strong networking abilities in several industries including Hospitality and Real Estate, Travel, Retail, Education and Consumer Goods.

My previous experience in Digital and Tech positions and in Hotel and Retail openings, has challenged me to launch Sense Living Spaces, merging both Protect and Real Estate as a Service to demonstrate the hidden treasures of living a meaningful connection with your renting home, the community and the city.

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Juan Masero

Idronia CTO & Sense Living App Developer

Successful and proven experience in large-scale technology projects. In the last 15 years, assignments with responsibility for effective and efficient management of cross-functional teams oriented to produce the desired results with profitability have included CTO and Technology Director in international companies such as EY, Accenture, Ericsson or Grupo Prisa.

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In the last ten years my activity has been oriented to manage international projects related with digital Video, OTT Services, Alexa Voice Services Solutions, and Mobile App’s development. Wide-ranging market development vision and creativity in the development of products and services. Proven and highly-recognized experience in the successful leadership of unique, innovative and extremely challenging technology projects. .

Product Development for customers like AT&T, Amazon, Movistar, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Grupo Prisa and Sense Living Spaces.

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Caio Motta

Sense Living Web Developer & Design

As a web designer I have found the perfect way to develop my passion for knowledge and the desire to keep up with the latest trends. Technology is always evolving and as newer versions of languages, libraries and frameworks roll out, I know I’m expected to not only know these changes, but also be a subject matter expert within any project I’m collaborating with. However, this definitely goes beyond a willingness to educate yourself. It’s the pleasure of challenge and I can’t think of anything more rewarding than this.

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Being a creative problem solver is what I can now say has made the difference in my deliverables; However, I do not stick to the “deliver faster” mentality since I prefer embracing the challenge of failure, bouncing back with bigger and better solutions to any problem. That’s the core value of creativity to me.

It’s been over 10 years of hands-on experience now. Of course things have never been easy, I had to work really hard to get here! I sometimes ask myself, “If I had the chance to go back in time, would I be willing to face and accept the same troubles, hard trainings, and tricky projects I had to cope with?” – “Absolutely yes, a thousand times.”

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If you feel aligned with our vision and mission, contact us and we will see you on the other side!

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